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We are on the look out for a new hub Donate here to help.

Unfortunately we are not taking on any new volunteers until further notice.
Thank you for your continued support. 

We’re Compliments of The House, a community-led food redistribution charity working to cut food waste in Britain. 

We’re not a food bank and we’re not a soup kitchen. We don’t rely on public food donations, which often require taking food away to be cooked, and we don’t cook meals on our premises.

What do we do?


We unlock the potential of nutritious surplus food, by collecting, sorting and redistributing this to feed those in need.


Why don't we call ourselves a food bank?


Not only do we provide food, tackling food insecurity head on, we also save food waste from needlessly going to landfill. Anyone can access our service for however long they need. Whether our guests are struggling for a week, a month or a year, we serve them the nourishment they need, helping them to overcome food poverty and hunger. 

Our vision is: A HUNGER AND WASTE-FREE BRITAIN where people aren’t held back because they can’t afford to eat

Our mission is: To nourish people through food – improving their mental and physical wellbeing and helping on their journey



Our trusted donors  in local restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets put surplus food aside for our volunteers to collect. 


We then sort the food, fire up the tea urn, open our hub doors and invite our guests in.

Want to learn more? How it works 



Our Care Leaver and Back to Work schemes further support our community by offering both care leavers and guests free opportunities to learn new skills and develop their potential. Our tailored approach allows them to take ownership of their future, providing on-going support in employment and personal development.

We believe communities are stronger together. That is why we champion those forced to the fringes of society, so that together we can build a more resilient community for a brighter future.


We’re not here to make money from poverty.


We use what’ s needlessly going to waste, transforming this free resource to provide vital nourishment for those who are hungry. Our caring volunteers are champions within our community, supporting our operations and cause from Brixton across London.

The funds we raise go directly towards supporting our service, whether that’s rent or bills to maintain our hub, fuel for our collection/delivery vans or eco-friendly cutlery and packaging for our guests. It all helps create an opportunity for those who can’t afford to eat to connect with others over something as simple as food.


We understand that missing out on this basic right affects more than physical nourishment. We make use of existing resources in the community to support our guests with their ongoing wellbeing.


Whether we’re signposting guests to another service, or enlisting our volunteers on local training opportunities, we strive to cater for every need and to find the right path of action for each individual. 

Our Values

These underpin everything we do.

Community love

“Together we create a community! No, scrap that… We build community love.”

We aren’t just a one-stop-shop for food and other supplies. We’re a place to be emotionally nourished and make new connections. 



“Being efficient is our… thing!”

Waste not want not and all that. And when we say all, we mean clothes, bedding and toiletries as well as food. (Oh, and time and money, of course.) By cutting waste we respect the environment as well as our guests.


“We treat people with dignity and respect… always.”

For us, dignity is about having choice. Our guests can choose from a range of fresh food every day. And it’s all restaurant-quality.


“Why give people a hand out when you can give them a hand up?”

We aim to help people to move forward in their lives by giving them access to work placements with businesses that donate food and empower them to provide for themselves on a long term basis. 



“We ARE fun.”

We operate on a hand-up not hand-out basis. We’re all about helping people to move forward in their lives by giving them access to work experience. We empower them to provide for themselves. 


“Judgement really isn’t our thing. Inclusivity is.”

Anyone may come and partake of our bounty as long as they are in need. We don’t turn away anyone who may need our help.


This is how you can help

We want to expand CoTH’s horizon and open hubs all over Britain. By supporting our vision you’ll help to combat food poverty and hunger head on.

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