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In (date) we partnered with Lambeth Country Show in Brixton to collect surplus food from on-site vendors and fight the ever-increasing issue of festival waste. Our amazing volunteers worked hard to engage with the public, promote our work, and collect surplus food to redistribute at the end of the day to those in need.


The event was such a success that we now hope to tap into more, fighting food waste while promoting community joy and involvement across the UK.


Have a festival CoTH could get involved with? Want to know more? Click here (hyperlink to Get Involved - Festivals)


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CoTH’s past success in hosting events at POP Brixton and collaborating with local festivals, such as the Lambeth Country Show, have prepared us to break into the UK’s events and festivals scene. Building from our experience, we devise detailed offers that are mutually beneficial for both you and CoTH, and always tailored to suit your needs.


Festivals and events can be some of the leading contributors to food waste and further environmental damage. The festival industry alone creates around 400 tonnes of food waste per year, and that’s excluding campsite waste. That’s why we feel it’s more important than ever for CoTH to have a presence at these events, to harness the food resources that would otherwise go to waste. Whether your festival is at Glastonbury or Crystal Palace, food waste is always created, and there are always local people in need of this food.


CoTH aims to support your event or festival by helping food donors (food retailers, caterers, restaurants, hotels etc) to redirect and redistribute food that would otherwise go to waste. All donated food will be redistributed by CoTH to those that need it most in the local community.


To find out more about what we can do for you, please email us at 



We are on the mission to combat food waste, find out how your event can help./

Invite us to your event/festival
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