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Prevent waste

How can I make a difference

Facing the disheartening facts and statistics on food waste can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got some inspiring tips and advice on how you can make an impact every day. 


How to cut food waste down at home:

QUANTITIES: We know it's tricky, but try and only buy as much food as you need

FREEZER: Don't forget about your freezer! Freeze fresh food you aren’t going to eat in the next couple of days and then defrost or reheat it when needed

GET CREATIVE: Only got a couple of random things left? Google a recipe based on those ingredients and go for it!

ORDER: Put older items at the front and newer items at the back of your fridge. This way you won’t miss things about to go out of date


PREP: If you can, try and schedule meals ahead of time; this saves last minute faff and reduces waste

Lobby your local MP or Council to do better

Want to see real change in government? 


We know charities like ours are doing as much as we can to spread awareness of environmental issues facing the UK. But until there is real policy change, food waste will keep piling up. Writing to your local MP and councillors can make a difference. Explain your frustration and what change you’d like to see, to encourage them to do more.


Not sure where to start? Get in touch and we’ll help you with letter templates and advice.

Keep up to date with our blog and follow us on socials for more news and information on how to help cut food waste in Britain. 


Feel you have your finger on the food waste pulse? Get in touch to join our team of writers - our door is always open for fresh voices.



Want to make change, not sure where to get help? 

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