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Need help?

Struggling to make rent this month? Have a family to feed? Not sure when the next pay check will arrive? You are not alone. We understand that hidden hunger can affect anyone. Whether struggling for a day, week, month or year, if you need food, CoTH is here for you.

We don’t ask questions, and we never judge.

Our non-referral system means you can access our free service as soon as you need it, and for however long you need it, without the need for food stamps or vouchers.

All you need to do is come down to one of our hubs any weeknight at 6pm. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, so once there we will give you a ticket and then call you to choose the food you want. You can then either take it away or you’re welcome to stay and eat at our tables with other guests and volunteers.

If you cannot access our service for any reason but would like support, please get in touch. For example, if distance is an issue, we may be able to deliver food to you, or raise concern for need in your area and open up a hub closer to your door.

If you are deaf or auditory impaired we aim to always have someone at our hub who can communicate with you. Whether it’s with sign language or pen and paper, we’ll listen and support you with whatever you need. BSL charts are always up around our hub so other guests and volunteers can support you too.

If you don’t have any minutes on your phone, call us and hang up. We’ll then have your number and can call you back. 


Care leaving scheme

Sinéad Browne, CoTH’s CEO and Founder, struggled as a homeless care leaver at sixteen, often going without meals and with little to no support for her general wellbeing. Knowing the impact this had on her own life Sinéad is driven to provide those struggling with more than just a one-stop shop for food provision, but rather a long-term, human-centred approach.

Part of this model includes uplifting and inspiring other care leavers with guidance and advice on pursuing higher education or work experience. If you’re a care leaver, we can offer tailored support to help you realise your potential. This could include skills workshops, interview techniques and practice, university open days escorts and personal statement editing, to name a few.

We understand what it feels like to not know the next step. CoTH is here to support you in beginning this journey.

Please email to find out more and register your interest.

Car leaving scheme

Back to Work Scheme

Our Back-to-Work scheme supports guests into employment. By doing this, we provide the communities we work in with the tools to build a resilient future for themselves, as well as encouraging community solutions with local businesses.



For job seekers who have been long-term unemployed




For job seekers over 35 years old


For job seekers up to

35 years old


How it works

Guests undertake weekly work experience in our shop or office for a period of twelve weeks. We then help them to develop vital employment skills and knowledge, while funding relevant training qualifications, such as Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety and Safeguarding. 

Once they have successfully completed their volunteering with us, we match them with one of our business partners, who offers them a three-month paid placement.

If the role fits, it’s a permanent job!

Who can get support?

We only have one criteria. That our guests be in need. If you’re struggling with employment and need support, our door is open.

Remember, when volunteering with us you aren’t only joining a community, you’re joining a family!

What this looks like

Volunteering takes place either in our shop in Brixton Village or in our office at 3Space International House. Shifts can range from one to two a week, with office hours in the daytime and hub shifts in the evening. 

Duties include:


  • Helping to open the shop

  • Setting up the shop

  • Keeping stock of hub supplies

  • Helping to collect food

  • Greeting and interacting with guests

  • Serving food to our guests

  • Helping to close the store


  • Answering volunteer phone calls and email enquiries

  • Conducting various research to support administrative tasks and using Microsoft Excel to record findings

  • Supporting different department members with adhoc writing tasks

  • Organising internal system files

  • Managing team diaries through our shared calendar

  • Keeping the office tidy



If you are needing support to get back to work contact us, find out how we can help. 

These tasks help guests gain relevant working experience, so they’re fit for consideration in office and hospitality.


We understand that everyone returning to employment has different needs. Our three strands are tailored to suit the best approach for our guests.

Who can get support?

We only have one criteria. That our guests be in need.

If you’re struggling with employment and need support, our door is open. (hyperlink to Need Help? page)

Remember, when volunteering with us you aren’t only joining a community, you’re joining a family!

Back to work scheme
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“When I first started using the service I had little to no food at home due to financial circumstances. Getting to know Sinéad and becoming a volunteer helped boost my confidence and want to be more productive again. Compliments of The House has provided a huge service to the local community, not only by feeding those in need but also by making them feel welcomed and human.”


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