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How it works

Creating Innovative Community Solutions

At Compliments of the House, we’re transforming the face of food provision. We do this by unlocking the hidden potential of surplus food waste and offering our guests the opportunity to improve their wellbeing through nourishing food and encouraging support. 

How do we do it?

By what we call our circle of efficiency.


Nourish with food

Our volunteers then sort the food at our distribution hub into starters, mains and desserts, and display this on our shelves like a shop, ready to open to guests at 5pm. Our accessible display makes it easier for guests to pick and choose the food they want to make a healthy balanced meal, while offering them dignity in choice. Our hub doesn’t stop at the door but sprawls out into the street to allow for guests to stay while they eat, connecting with others and enjoying the companionship found when sharing a meal.

Nourish through food


We don’t just provide food; we offer our guests the opportunity to improve their mental wellbeing and physical health long-term. Our Back to Work and Care Leaver schemes offer practical support for individuals to learn new skills and develop their potential. Whether they need work experience, help with personal statements or CVs, or simply someone to cheer them on, we’re there to support them.

Collect surplus food


Our trusted partnerships with local food businesses allow us to prevent unnecessary waste from going to landfill. Our volunteers collect this food on foot every weekday evening from in and around Brixton Market, building trusted relationships with our Houses and getting stuck in with the community spirit our service inspires.

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Circle of efficiency
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