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Get ready for festival vibes, great music and helping to stop food waste, because now we are putting the three together and moving into the realm of collecting surplus food waste from festivals!

This summer we will be partnering with Brockwell Live to help cut down on food waste at their collective of independent festivals that will take place between 26th May – 11th June in Brockwell Park and we are beyond excited to finally be sharing this project with you! 


Festivals are always fun but not many people see the damaging effects they can have on food waste.


According to EighthPlate in an article by, around 400 TONNES OF FOOD is wasted at festivals in the UK every year, that’s equivalent to about 1 MILLION MEALS!  So, we’ve come together this year with Brockwell Live to try and put a stop to unnecessary food waste at festivals this season. 

How will this work? 


Brockwell Live will cover a broad range of music and culture in Brockwell Park.


Their festival series consists of:

  • Project 6 (26th May),

  • Wide Awake (27th May), Cross The Tracks (28th May),

  • City Splash (29th May),

  • Brockwell Bounce (31st May),

  • Mighty Hoopla (3rd & 4th June) and

  • Lambeth Country Show (10th & 11th June).


At the festivals we’ll be at, we will be spreading awareness of our charity and what we do to others and then in the evening we will collect the surplus food from various food traders, where we will then deliver it straight to those in need! It couldn’t be simpler!



Join our mission to cut down on food waste and volunteer with us at one or all of the festivals we’ll be at this year! There's no limit or expectation when it comes to volunteering with us.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to festivals or volunteering for that matter and looking to do something different, you can volunteer with us and discover a community of like-minded people to give something back. And don't worry, you will get the training you need on the day whilst also being able to enjoy the festival vibes!


If festivals and saving the planet is your thing, then we want you! If you’re interested in helping us at the festivals we’ll be at, then please get in touch through the contact methods below and we’ll send you all the deets! 


If you are a festival promoter or event organiser and would like to discuss us partnering with you at an event, then please sign up here! 


If you are a volunteer and would like to get involved with helping us at the festivals we’ll be at, then please sign up here! 

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